Performance Seminars

Let Herb Bruce design a seminar in which he will teach your students what you want them to learn, wheather they need master classes, specialized workshops, or both.


  • Improve Pitch
  • Play Time
  • Improve Technique
  • Interpret Styles
  • Improve Immediately
  • Maximize Equipment Efficiency
  • Survuve the Music Business

"I don't know what to say other than THANKS! Your work in every capacity which I asked you to work was absolutely stellar. The playing was nothing short of magnificent in every way. The quality of sound, the beautiful phrasing and legato style, the accurate stylistic features, and the technique....oh, the technique just left us all stunned. In short, your playing was beautiful in every respect. I have never had a soloist (and I've hosted more than a few big name artists) who has absolutely wowed an audience the way you did. And you did it repeatedly in diverse settings. Thanks, thanks, and thanks again. We will be reaping rewards from this festival for a long, long time. I also must thank you for your work with my trombone students and the guest high school trombonists. Again, your work was exceptional. Many artists come in and display their technical wares for students, but only a select group can do that and speak to them with sound educational principles as well. You did this and you did it well. Thanks again for coming to Oklahoma State and for leaving us all so much more enriched than when you came. Everyone in attendance at the events has repeatedly voiced their praise with your amazing performing and your witty, affable personality. You can rest assured that you will receive a return invite to Stillwater. I only hope, for our sakes, that it will fit into your busy schedule."

Dr. Thomas Walker
Music Department
Oklahoma State University

One call is all it takes to discover how your students can benefit from this top-notch seminar.